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Kosta Boda produces colourful and bold glass art in the heart of southern Sweden. Kosta Boda is counted among the best glassworks in the world. Here you will find a large assortment of their interior products in glass in a range of innovative designs.

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Kosta Boda – Innovative glassware and glass art

Kosta Boda began in 1742 in the heart of the Swedish forests in the province of Småland. The highly appreciated brand is well-known for its bold and innovative glassware and glass art, from drinking glasses and bowlsto candle holders and sculptures.

History of Kosta Boda

Kosta glassworks was founded on the 26th of July 1742 in Sweden, by Generals Anders Kostkull and George Bogislaus Staël von Honstein.

The location in Småland in southern Sweden was chosen so that they would be able to provide glass to the important Swedish cities, Stockholm and Karlskrona, as important roads passed here. In addition, the dense forests in the region offered them an unlimited supply of wood to heat the furnaces for the glass production.

Today, Kosta Boda is the oldest operating glassworks in Sweden and produces innovative glass and art glass that challenges the present.

Which Kosta Boda products are most popular?

Within Kosta Boda’s large assortment of products, there are many popular items with iconic designs.

Top 3 most popular products:

  • Limelight vase
  • Line tumblers
  • Friendship beer glass

Where does the name Kosta Boda come from?

The name ‘Kosta’ was created through combining the surnames of the founders, Kostkull and Staël von Honstein (Ko+sta). Today, Kosta Boda is associated with high-quality glass and glass art in bold and innovative designs.

Which collections of glassware and art glass are the most popular?

Among the most popular collections by Kosta Boda, you can find:

  1. Chateau: one of the most famous and popular collections designed by Bertil Vallien in 1981. The goal was to design glass that you can clearly see is made by hand, since no machine is able to create the patterns found on this glass.
  2. Crystal Magic: a collection of handmade crystal glasses designed by Åsa Jungnelius.
  3. All about you: designed by Sara Woodrow. The minimalist glasses have a colourful graphic print that has been inspired by unrequited love.
  4. Line: classic, soft shapes with a single elegant line wrapping the glass. Designed by Anna Ehrner.
  5. Brick: tealight holders in beautifully coloured glass, which has also been designed by Anna Ehrner.

Which designers have Kosta Boda collaborated with?

As one of the world’s leading brands in glassware and glass art, Kosta Boda has worked with a number of well-known designers and artists. These designers are among the best in the industry, not only in Sweden but also in the world. The designers of Kosta Boda work closely with craftsmen, and together design and produce iconic glasses that can last for generations.

  • Bertil Vallien: One of Sweden’s most famous glass artists. Vallien has received a number of awards for his designs and several of his products are on display in various museums around the world. Chateau is one of his most popular collections for Kosta Boda.
  • Anna Ehrner: Swedish glass artist who is characterised by her simple but powerful design language. Line and Brick are among her most popular designs for Kosta Boda.
  • Ernst Billgren: He is considered one of Sweden’s most important contemporary artists. In addition to glass art, he also works with a number of other creative forms of expression, such as scenography and music.

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