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Since 1922, Korbo has created hand-woven baskets that are as functional as they are timeless. Here you will find Korbo’s iconic baskets and accessories, which make these classic baskets even more practical.
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Korbo – handmade wire baskets since 1922

A Korbo wire basket is not only functional, but also has a beautiful timeless design that works just as well today as it did in 1922 – today the practical storage baskets are real Scandinavian design classics. The beautiful baskets are ideal for storing blankets and cushions in the living room, umbrellas in the hallway or toys in the children’s room.

Here you will find many baskets and accessories from the Swedish brand Korbo.

Which Korbo products are the most popular?

In Korbo’s assortment, you will be able to find baskets in a range of different sizes and designs. The Classic 35 was their first model and the rest of the models have been based off this version. Some of the other popular sizes are:

  • Korbo 16 litre basket
  • Korbo 24 litre basket
  • Korbo 65 litre basket
  • Korbo 80 litre basket

How are Korbo baskets made?

Korbo baskets are braided from one metal wire, and are therefore produced completely without weld seams, which makes the basket stable in all conditions so that it will never fall apart. The wire baskets are handmade by skilled craftsmen, which ensures that each Korbo basket is of the highest quality, so several generations can benefit and enjoy these classic baskets.

What materials are Korbo baskets made from?

The Korbo baskets come in four different materials: galvanised steel, acid-proof stainless steel, copper and brass. While galvanised steel gets a matte patina over the years, acid-proof steel has a great resistance to corrosion and is therefore often used in maritime environments. Copper is a strong material which changes to a greenish colour over a ten-year period. Brass is a beautiful material which will develop a natural tarnish on the surface over time resulting in an attractive patina.

The Story behind Korbo

The first Korbo baskets were created for use by fishermen and farmers and others who might need a durable basket that would withstand both weather and wind, and this idea is still as relevant today as it was in the 1920’s.

Today, the range still consists of the original basket from 1922, but it has been joined by a number of other products such as the Korbo laundry basket, the Korbo bin and the Korbo bucket.

Korbo basket – Swedish handicraft tradition

All Korbo baskets are handwoven by skilled artisans, an art that is not easy to learn and takes many years to master. Each basket is also signed by the artisan who made the basket.

Practical accessories for Korbo baskets

Today, Korbo offers a number of accessories for their baskets, which makes this timeless basket even more functional. For example, you can find basket liners in a range of colours for the Korbo baskets and bins.

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