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Stylish, colourful and provocative glassware and porcelain from Caroline Gynning. Inspiration for these designs from strong women who have experienced life.
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Glass and Porcelain from Carolina Gynning

Carolina Gynning has designed beautiful glass and porcelain with colorful design motifs, for those who want to stand out and be seen. In her series, you can find everything you might need for the set table, such as wine glasses, champagne glasses, and drinking glasses

The drinking glasses and porcelain can be used for all different occasions in daily life. From when you drink your glass of morning juice to when you enjoy a well-deserved friday drink. 

What do the motifs on the glass and porcelain from Carolina Gynning depict?  

The vibrant motifs on the glasses and porcelain depict female portraits. The inspiration for the motifs comes from women she has met in her life and from whom she feels she has received inspiration and joy. 

Commonly recurring in Carolina Gynning's art are butterflies as motifs and thoughtful and beautiful quotes. In the Make Peace series among others, you find the powerful quote, "Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present," which is a good quote to live by. 

Glass with Gold Decor from Carolina Gynning  

In the elegant and stylish series Golden Dream, you will find a gold motif on the glasses that is guaranteed to set the right sense of luxury and splendor for the festivities. 

Can you wash your Carolina Gynning glasses in the dishwasher?  

No, you should not wash your glasses in the dishwasher, but hand wash the glasses instead. 

Can you wash your Carolina Gynning porcelain in the dishwasher?  

Yes, the porcelain can be washed in the dishwasher and it is also microwave safe, which makes the dishware very functional in your everyday life. 

Give away Carolina Gynning glasses as a gift  

The glasses are the perfect gift to give away for example as a graduation present. Glasses are always an appreciated and thoughtful gift for those soon moving out of their parent's home. 

In addition, the beautiful and colorful motifs with wise quotes are hard not to like. 

Combine different series from Carolina Gynning  

The series bear beautiful names like Love is Joy and Make Peace and they work excellently to combine. Or you can collect several motifs from the same series. Set the table with different Carolina Gynning series to spread color, warmth, and a personal style. 

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