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Hav scented candle

The Hav scented candle is by the Danish brand Skandinavisk. Skandinavisk as a brand aims to capture the essence of Scandinavian life in simple and refined products, such as scented candles and scent diffusers. Hav is the Swedish and Danish word for sea. From the tips of Denmark, to Sweden and Norway, Scandinavia has some of the longest coastlines in the world, so it's not surprising that the sea plays in integral part in the lives of the people of Scandinavia. The candle is made of vegetable wax with a cotton wick and lid made of beech wood. A perfect gift for a Scandinavia-lover or someone who grew up by the seaside. Available in different sizes.

General Information

Quantity1 pcs
Item number27991-01


Material: Vegetable wax, candle wick made of cotton, lid made od lock i beech wood, container made of frosted glass.
Small, 1 wick (55 g): height 6 cm, Ø 4.3 cm, burn time 16 hours.

Medium, 1 wick (190 g): height 9.2 cm, Ø 7.6 cm, burn time 50 hours.

Large, 4 wicks (600 g): height 13 cm, Ø 12 cm, burn time 75 hours.


Do not leave the candles burning unattended or within a reach of children. Place on a temperature resistant surface. Do not place where there is a draft or near flammable objects.
Designed in Denmark, produced in France.
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