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Satake is a Japanese knife manufacturer with knives in a variety of different models. Common to all models is that they are made of a tough steel that can be sharpened and warmed. Choose between well-known collections such as Houcho, Professional and Kuro for both professional and aspiring chefs.
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Satake Ame Chinese knife - 17 cm - Satake

Satake Ame Chinese knife, 17 cm

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Satake Ame santoku knife - 18 cm - Satake

Satake Ame santoku knife, 18 cm

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Satake Ame kiritsuke knife - 23 cm - Satake

Satake Ame kiritsuke knife, 23 cm

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Satake Ame Bunka knife - 15 cm - Satake

Satake Ame Bunka knife, 15 cm

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Satake Ame peeling knife - 12 cm - Satake

Satake Ame peeling knife, 12 cm

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Satake Ame knife set - 3 pieces - Satake

Satake Ame knife set, 3 pieces

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Satake – High quality knives and kitchen products from Japan

Satake is a Japanese brand known for its high-quality knives with incredible sharpness. Many of the world’s finest knives come from Japan, where forging samurai swords is a big part of the culture. In the Satake range, you will find everything from high-quality knives, pots and pans, and practical kitchen utensils such as knife blocks and magnetic knife strips.

Which Satake collections are the most popular?

Satake presents a range of quality knives and kitchen accessories in a variety of stylish designs. We have put together a selection of some of Satake’s most popular collections for you.

Top 3 most popular collections by Satake

Satake knives for every purpose

Satake offers a large selection of knives with different purposes that make working in the kitchen easier and make preparing food a lot of fun. In their assortment, you will be able to find everything from peeling knives, chef knives and vegetable knives for everyday use, to specialised knives such as meat cleavers and salmon knives.

Satake knives are available both individually as well as in practical knife sets.

Sharpening stones by Satake

Included in the Satake assortment is a selection of sharpening stones, which allow you to take proper care of your Satake knives and extend their lifespan for many years to come. Their sharpening stones are graded in different grits which are colour coded to clarify the grit of each stone.

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