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Klappersten deep plate 23 cm 4-pack

The Klappersten Deep Plate 23 cm is part of the Klappersten collection, made by Nordic Nest. This deep plate is made from durable white porcelain and has an alluring pattern, inspired by pebble beaches and flat stones shaped by the waves of the ocean - a tribute to the Swedish east coast. The pattern of varying tones of grey runs along the wide edge of the plate and creates a clean, Scandinavian feel for your meals and dining experience. The deep plate is designed for warm soups, desserts or pasta dishes. Combine it with other pieces from the Klappersten collection for a complete finish!

General Information

Quantity4 pcs
Item number32859-01


Material: White porcelain.
Ø: 23 cm.

Care Instructions

Wash the porcelain directly after use in order to preserve the colour of the intricate pattern. This is specially important after use with acidic foods such as apple or lemon.
If you have any food burnt onto the product, soak in water with a small amount of liquid detergent. After approximately 30 minutes the stain should wipe away.
Avoid any kind of abrasive material such as steel wool that can scratch the glaze on the product.


Dishwasher safe.
Microwave safe.
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