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Madam Solo coffee maker

Madam Solo coffee maker comes in a lovely retro-design with a clever function. The design is a combination of the past and the future where history and modern design meets in a perfect way. With Madam Solo you can brew your coffee in two ways, the pour over method or filter the coffee method. First, just place the filter in the pot and then the bottom plate. After you add coffee and hot water, let it stand for a little while with the lid on and then the coffee is ready. The other option starts with you putting the filter in the pot and then you add some coffee. After, you add hot water and then you stir it with a spoon, let the filter stay in place and put the lid on, then serve.

General Information

Quantity1 pcs
Item number16347-01


Material: Pot in porcelain, drip-free silicone spout and a stainless steel handle.
Volume: 1.2 l.
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