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Bonsai scented sticks - set

These Bonsai scented sticks are everything you need to fill the room with a joyous aromatic scent. Created by designer Takafumi Nemoto for Design House Stockholm, this fragrance set consists of three individual items: a black ceramic vase, aromatic oil, and rattan scented sticks in various bonsai designs. This decorative fragrance set is almost sculpturesque in its design and combines classic Scandinavian style, timeless Japanese influences, and traditional high-quality craftsmanship.
The Bonsai scented sticks are available in three designs: the Bonsai Breeze resembles a small tree as the wind drafts through its leaves: the Bonsai Blossom evokes the shape of a flowering branch: and the Bonsai Cloud is shaped like drifting clouds in the sky. Select your favourite or switch between different styles to create unique a unique atmosphere.
The Bonsai fragrance itself is a gorgeously subtle aroma. It is a fragrance full of the nuanced scents of a living forest, containing gentle notes of green tea mixed with sweet hints of mandarin and orange. The base consists of the soft herbal scent of bergamot fused with a light and woody touch of musk and amber.

General Information

Item number35774-01


Material: Rattan, ceramics, perfumed oil.
Cloud: 30x30 cm.
Breeze: 30x40 cm.
Blossom: 40x14 cm.
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