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Defined by Stringent lines, perfect curves and geometric shapes, the Kubus collection is a true staple of the By Lassen brand. Here you will find elegant vases, bowls and of course the renowned candle holders that gave rise to the rest of the collection.
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Kubus candle snuffer - black - By Lassen
By Lassen
Kubus candle snuffer, black
On backorder
Base for the Kubus 4 candle holder - black - By Lassen
By Lassen
Base for the Kubus 4 candle holder, black
On backorder
Base for the Kubus 4 candle holder - white - By Lassen
By Lassen
Base for the Kubus 4 candle holder, white
On backorder
Kubus 1 candle holder - black - By Lassen
By Lassen
Kubus 1 candle holder, black
On backorder
Kubus vase Nolia - Black - By Lassen
By Lassen
Kubus vase Nolia, Black
Stocked according to demand
Kubus bowl large - black - By Lassen
By Lassen
Kubus bowl large, black
Stocked according to demand
Kubus flower pot 10 cm - Black - By Lassen
By Lassen
Kubus flower pot 10 cm, Black
On backorder
Kubus lantern - grey - By Lassen
By Lassen
Kubus lantern, grey
Stocked according to demand
Kubus flower pot 23 cm - White - By Lassen
By Lassen
Kubus flower pot 23 cm, White
Stocked according to demand
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By Lassen Kubus

Created based on the plans and ideas of the architect Mogens Lassen, the Kubus collection is a signum to By Lassen’s design. Strict lines and geometric shapes are what define the collection riddled with cubes and cuboids. In the Kubus collection you will find lots of beautiful home accessories, such as bowls, vases and of course the famed Kubus candle holders that started it all.

Which are the most popular products of the By Lassen Kubus collection?

Kubus is one of, if not the most popular series by the danish brand By Lassen. The series feature several popular designs such as the Kubus bowls and Kubus vases. But The most popular is without a doubt the the Kubus 8 candle holder, which marked the start of the entire collection, as well as the smaller Kubus 4 candle holder.

Top 3 products of the Kubus collection:

  1. Kubus 4 candle holder
  2. Kubus 8 candle holder
  3. Kubus bowl small

The Kubus candle holder - Designed by Mogens Lassen

It all started with the Kubus candle holder. A candle holder that took a very long time to be finalised. The Kubus remained on his desk for a long time while Mogens Lassen carefully developed and calculated a candle holder that was to be crafted with mathematical precision. In 1962, the first finalised Kubus 8 was made by hand by local craftsman in Ordrup. This finely crafted pieces of art was not put into mass production, and was reserved for friends and family of the renowned architect, until By Lassen decided to share the beautiful designs and ideas of the brothers Mogens and Flemming Lassen to the world.

The style of the Kubus series

The style of the By Lassen’s Kubus series can be described as a blend of minimalism and a love for mathematical perfection and geometry. By combining stringent lines and perfect curves the Kubus collection is created, which has become a true staple of the By Lassen brand. The elegant designs of this unique series are also reminiscent of the Bauhaus style, with designs that feature some of the defining characteristics of style of the Bauhaus school.

What products does the By Lassen Kubus series include?

The product that laid the foundation for the rest of this series was the Kubus 8 candle holder. The cuboid element of the design was easily implemented in other types of products, which gave rise to Kubus collection as we know it today. The Kubus series now includes the following:

  • Candleholder: The Kubus candle holder comes in several variations, with designs that can hold from one to eight candles.
  • Bowls: Beautiful decorative bowls, available in several different sizes.
  • Flower pots: The flower pots come in several different sizes.
  • Vases: Elegant vases available in different sizes and model variations.
  • Accessories: The Kubus collection also includes several accessories for the other Kubus products, such as consoles for hanging your pots or vases on the wall.

What colours is the Kubus collection available in?

The various products of the Kubus collection are available in several different colours. The minimalistic designs of this popular series are of course available in a matte black or white finish, but in the By Lassen assortment you will also find Kubus products with a beautiful metal finish.

The colours of the kubus collection:

  • Black
  • White
  • Brass
  • Burnished Copper
  • Nickel
  • Grey

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